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I'm Andrew Steadman, the Editor in Chief of Perspectage. I've got a Master's Degree in Signal Processing / Information Theory, plus I've worked across Canada, from one of the largest companies to a scrappy little startup in Calgary. After spending my entire career in tech, I've fallen in love with Photography, and now I'm learning everything I can about the rapidly changing photography market.

My main focus is using my background in advanced mathematics and data processing to help other photographers. Nothing brings me more pleasure than learning about some new tech, figuring out how to use it, and understanding what its limitations are.

If you have an idea for an article, or if you need help with something computer related (anything from JPEG Encodings to Websites), please reach out to me:

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To get an idea of what Perspectage is all about, check out this featured article: An unfortunate truth of Facebook's algorithmic timeline is that they shape what people see. The "hack" you can use to get around the algorithm? Pay them money. However, there's a right way and a wrong way to advertise on Facebook. I talk about how you can structure a Facebook Ad campaign for success (so you don't flush $100 down the toilet just to get 3 likes, all of them from 'bots).


A 5 Step Guide To Facebook Ads That Actually Work

You hover over the Post button as you finalize your last edit. You had to futz with the layers in photoshop all night, not to mention the hours you spent removing coldsores pimples, but you know that it was all worth it: this is the photo of a lifetime. You breath a long sigh of relief as your computer spurts out a successful ding. Suddenly: another ding, followed by a chorus of even more. Within the last minute, your post has been shared 26 times. Your heart is racing so fast you can barely hear your cell phone ringing. After fumbling with the thing, you finally catch a glimpse of the caller id: it’s the local news channel.

One more thing...

Photography is changing. Day by day, little by little.

Photographers who are prepared will be ready for whatever comes next. Others will literally lose their jobs to an algorithm.

It takes two seconds to be the former. Since I’m the one man show analyzing and plotting behind the scenes, you’ll only receive community updates every couple weeks. When I email you, I write about actionable business strategies (from a photographer’s perspective) to actually prepare your business for future tech.