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I'm Andrew Steadman, a computer whiz bent on solving #PhotographerProblems. Problem #1: The algorithm about to put you out of business. Find out why and what you can do about it by following the mailing list.

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You hover over the Post button as you finalize your last edit. You had to futz with the layers in photoshop all night, not to mention the hours you spent removing coldsores pimples, but you know that it was all worth it: this is the photo of a lifetime. You breath a long sigh of relief as your computer spurts out a successful ding. Suddenly: another ding, followed by a chorus of even more. Within the last minute, your post has been shared 26 times. Your heart is racing so fast you can barely hear your cell phone ringing. After fumbling with the thing, you finally catch a glimpse of the caller id: it’s the local news channel.

Thats all there is, and maybe ever will be... (Unless!)

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